The primary purpose of a thickness measurement survey is to ascertain the steel condition of the vessel. However the report will mean nothing unless it is acted upon and the necessary repairs carried out.

What separates the men from the boys in thickness measurement is quality of the steel repair specifications that can be made post the thickness measurement survey.
One of the most common services performed by us for owners or managers is pre-docking inspections for the sole purpose of making accurate and dependable steel specifications of the vessel.

During these surveys the emphasis is primarily to ascertain all possible areas of concern in terms of thickness measurement and close up requirements for the vessel.
A good steel repair plan not only takes care of the steel to be renewed but also takes into account factors such as adjacent areas, accessory work, grade of steel, staging requirements etc, we have over a period of time and experience built up considerable expertise in this department.

The reputation is so considerable that more than 50 % of the work carried out by us are steel renewal surveys.

The difference in our service is what we call a “ can do attitude” , which results in the fact that we use all types of cargo during sailing/loading/discharge to use its assistance in reaching higher areas. No job is too small or too big for us.