One of the most critical aspects of docking of older tankers and bulk carriers is having a reasonable estimate of quantum of steel renewal prior docking of vessels, as in this era of low dock space availability, high freight charges, it is almost a criminal waste to enter a shipyard and end up with a figure of hundreds of tons of steel renewal while having budgeted for a figure far lower .

Thus there is exists a need to have an accurate and reliable steel specification far ahead of the docking so that budgets and suitable yards can be decided.

However , to measure large ocean going ships in ballast passages is crucial , but herein lies the problem of access. This is where we come in.

We can provide our clients with industrial mountaineers to measure the hard to reach areas quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We can thus measure all areas without the need for reaching the dry-dock and arranging the staging as well as having an accurate and reliable tm report ready, thus cutting down on close up durations.

A vessel will thus arrive in the shipyard with majority of work scope planned and giving the normally harassed superintendent Much more breathing space

Our experienced teams , shall reduce vessel downtime, increase the efficiency of repairs and thus save owners huge costs.